The fryer is a prevalent piece of equipment in modern kitchens. Using the equipment can cook more delicious fried food, so more and more families or restaurants began to use the fryer. The simple and efficient cooking method makes the fryer become one of the most popular equipment in the kitchen.

Although the fryer is very satisfactory to use, like most equipment, various problems will be encountered during use. For example, some friends want to use the deep fryer when they suddenly find that the deep fryer does not work. Why is this?

Why is my deep fryer not working?

The professional technical article The top eight air fryer in 2021 shows that as a kind of kitchen equipment, there will be various problems in the process of using the air fryer. Users should understand the correct use of the deep fryer to reduce the chances of failure of the deep fryer. When the fryer is not working, in most cases, it is because there is a problem with the power cord and control components, and you should check the two parts.

When a fryer is malfunctioning, you should not blindly repair it to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. You should also be aware of some basic solutions to some common failures.

When a deep fryer does not work, it is usually because of a problem with the power cord or the control components.

The power cord

When your fryer does not work, the most likely cause is a problem with your fryer’s power cord. Most fryers have a magnetically connected power cord, which can easily disconnect if the fryer is bumped or moved. Make sure the power cord is connected correctly before determining that it is faulty.

Common failures of the power cord include damage to the internal wires of the power cord or worn or dirty power cord contacts, resulting in a poor connection to the fryer.

Repair is also simple and does not require disassembly; you need to purchase a replacement power cord that is compatible with your fryer model.

Control Unit

The control assembly contains the thermostat, control board, and heating element. If your fryer is not working, it is likely that there is a problem with these parts. The primary function of these components is to heat your fryer, so if one of them fails, then the fryer will not start properly.

It is worth mentioning that the control unit can be removed from the fryer as a part, and once it’s removed, you can carefully inspect the components for damage. But generally speaking, if one part of the control assembly is damaged, you will need to replace the entire control assembly.

When your fryer is not working, you can focus on these two parts, but the most important thing you should do is to maintain the fryer in daily use.

How do I maintain my fryer?

Clean it daily

Forgetting to clean will cause your food to smell and damage your fryer, so a simple daily cleaning and a weekly deep cleaning are essential.

Use high-quality oil

Using higher quality oil will extend the life of your fryer. Although it may be relatively expensive, replacing it will cost more.

Don’t keep the oil at cooking temperature.

Generally speaking, your fryer has a standby setting, which can keep your oil in a warm state without overheating. If the oil is kept at a high temperature for a long time, it will greatly reduce the fryer’s operating time.

The above are three simple ways of daily maintenance of the fryer. As long as you are using your fryer properly, it will generally not break down.

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