Puffed corn snacks are a very popular snack food. There are many people who like to eat and the market sales are also very high.

More and more manufacturers begin to produce this kind of food.And the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

In order to stand out in the puffed corn snack market, we investigated the market in depth.

And after various investigations, we decided to put into use the Corn Puff Snacks Production Line.

The line has significant advantages among similar equipment. And has made outstanding changes in our production quality after its use.

What are the advantages of the puffed corn snack production line?

1. With fully automated production methods, the production efficiency is very high.

2. It is made of food grade stainless steel, with stable and reliable quality, sturdiness and durability, not easy to damage, and long use time.

3. Stable operation, 24h continuous production and processing can be realized.

4. The whole production line is composed of a variety of equipment. The structure between the equipment is compact and the area is small.Which is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • It only needs to change the production process.

And the extrusion die to process and produce various types of puffed corn snacks.

which are very versatile.

The puffed corn snack production line is composed of mixers, screw conveyors, twin-screw extruders, air conveyors, dryers, frying machines, seasoning lines, cooling lines, packaging machines and other equipment.

The use of these equipment can achieve full automation. The production method, simple and efficient production, has brought very significant changes to our processing and production.

Especially compared with our previous equipment, the performance has improved more than a little.

Comparison of puffed corn snack production line and traditional equipment:

After using the puffed corn snack production line, the production efficiency has been significantly improved.

Because the puffed corn snack production line has a fully automated production method. The production efficiency is very high, and the output has been greatly improved.

However, the traditional equipment is inefficient in processing and production. Satisfy more orders with larger output.

In terms of production quality, the puffed corn snacks produced by traditional equipment are obviously inferior to the new equipment.

The puffed corn snack production line uses the most advanced extrusion technology in the world.

And the processed corn snacks are In terms of taste and nutrition.They are in line with the dietary needs of modern people and have very high quality standards.

Another very important point is that the puffed corn snack production line is more cost-effective. The production line is low in price, long in use, and not easy to damage.

The traditional equipment investment is relatively high, and the later maintenance cost is relatively high, and the difference is obvious.

After a period of use, we have come to the above conclusions. We are very satisfied with this cooperation. We are also exploring more potentials of the production line.

With the help of the expanded corn snack production line, the development of our enterprise will definitely welcome Come a bigger opportunity.

The manufacturer not only provided us with super cost-effective equipment, but also provided us with very good service.

We listed out our production needs to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer very kindly customized our own Corn Puff Snacks Production Line.Which is very reliable and we are very satisfied.

Technology is the primary productive force. We deeply understand how important advanced technology is in the food processing industry.

We also hope that manufacturers can develop more equipment with superior performance to provide us with greater convenience!