Noodles are one of the staple foods in our daily lives. It originated in China and has a history of more than four thousand years of production and consumption. Noodles are a kind of healthy and green food that is simple to make, easy to eat, rich in nutrition, and can be used as a staple food and fast food. It has long been accepted and loved by the people of the world. Where is noodles manufactured? Let’s take a look at the making of noodles.

Instant Noodles Production Line is an automatic production line that integrates automatic dough mixing, automatic feeding, extrusion and puffing, dough cooling and conveying, automatic cutting, branch conveying, automatic lifting, humidification and softening and cutting, automatic box dropping, automatic drying, and finished product conveying into packaging. With excellent performance in many aspects, it is a good helper for food processing plants to make noodles. 

Features of the noodle production line

  1. High-speed kneading, the raw materials are evenly mixed, no maturation is required . 
  2. The extruded noodles are evenly thick and thin, and the capacity is stable.
  3. Multiple sets of rolling, roll drawing, uniform feeding, neat panel. 
  4. The whole production line adopts PLC interface control, intelligent degree high .
  5. The equipment has beautiful appearance, meets food hygiene requirements, and is durable. 
  6. The produced noodles are evenly puffed and have good rehydration performance and the noodles are chewy delicious.
  7. Using new type of extrusion equipment, its output is larger than traditional equipment two to three times, greatly improve production efficiency, high output and good stability .
  8. It can realize continuous mixing, automatic cutting off and falling box, continuous drying, which really realize automatic continuous production, greatly improve the working efficiency and save manpower.

This noodle machine is designed to meet the needs of processing enterprises based on the study of domestic and foreign markets. Low investment and high output are the biggest advantages of this production line, which will be the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. The whole process of this production line is easy to operate and almost fully automatic, what is the process flow of the production line?

Production line process flow

Raw material (flour) → continuous stirring with water → material conveying → forced feeding → self-cooking extrusion → dough cooling conveying → slitting → branch conveying → lifting (wetting and softening) → cutting → dropping box → shaping → drying → conveying → Packaging → finished Product

Application of noodle machine

Instant Noodles Production Line is mainly applied to the production of extruded non-fried fast food noodles. It is a professional equipment for producing wet noodles, handmade noodles, dumpling skins, wonton skins and other noodles, and can produce various wide noodles, round noodles, knife-cut noodles, noodle flags, diamond-shaped noodles, dumpling skins, etc. At the same time. Its smooth process, complete functions, high degree of automation, stable machine production, technology are stronger than similar production equipment in China, so it is the ideal choice for food processing manufacturers to update.

The working principle of the noodle machine : 

The noodle machine squeezes the flour into noodles through the relative rotation of the flour roller, and then cuts the noodles into the noodles through the cutting head to form noodles. The shape of the noodles depends on the cross-section specifications. All models can be installed with different cross-sections. Therefore, a machine can make noodles of various specifications through the surface of different specifications.

Steps to make noodles:

1. Prepare the noodle maker.

2. Choose the noodle-shaped mold you want to make.

3. Open the two screws on the front cover, put in the mold, and then tighten the front cover, so that the mold is installed.

4. Plug in the power source, pick up the upper cover, measure the flour with a measuring cup, and add the flour.

5. Close the lid, press the open key, select the program you want, and then press the start key.

6. The noodle machine has started to make noodles. The noodles are ready in a few minutes, which is very simple and convenient.

China is the world’s number one country in the production and consumption of wheat. There are various types of deep-processed foods for pasta products, and the top sales volume must be noodles, dried noodles and other products. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the focus of people’s attention has shifted from solving food and clothing to healthy nutrition. With reasonable nutrition, organic green has penetrated into the hearts of consumers. As a very healthy food, noodles are deeply loved by consumers. welcome.

In terms of the current market development, it is a good choice to invest in a noodle shop or a special noodle processing plant. Stores can specialize in selling a variety of fresh wet noodles, colorful fruit and vegetable noodles, but also processing hanging noodles, hanging noodles are convenient to store for a long time, but also to produce noodles, dumpling skin and other products. Noodle machine can realize a machine multi-purpose, sales varieties, wide sales channels, can bring good economic benefits. No worries about business opportunities!