For many people struggling to live. Work pressure is getting more and more. And it has become the norm to compress time as much as possible to do more things. It makes it too late for many people to have breakfast in the morning. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Long-term non-eating breakfast will increase the risk of gallstones. And it will also easily cause us to be drowsy. And unconscious throughout the morning.

Corn flakes can help many people solve this problem as a breakfast cereal. Corn flakes are convenient to eat. They can be consumed only by brewing with milk. And they are easy to carry and store. In addition, corn flakes are nutritious and healthy, rich in niacin, lutein. And other beneficial ingredients. Regular consumption can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation. Especially for office workers or people who have been sitting for a long time…

Corn flakes are very popular nowadays. And have become a widespread breakfast food. Therefore, the public also wants to know more about corn flakes. The most common question is about the production of corn flakes.

Where are corn flakes manufactured?
As a breakfast cereal that has been recognized by people all over the world. Corn flakes have become very common worldwide. It can be said that every country has corn flake manufacturers. It can provide local friends with high-quality corn flakes in time to meet the daily needs of the public. Required. In fact, the country that first invented corn flakes was the United States. It was invented by the Kellogg brothers in the United States. Corn flakes have been liked by many people once they came out. Under the strong promotion of the Kellogg brothers. Corn flakes have become the most popular breakfast cereal. And it is popular all over the world.

The above content is borrowed from the professional technical articles on the five best quality corn flakes production lines in 2021.

Today’s corn flake manufacturers use the Corn Flake Production Line to produce corn flakes. The development of science and technology has greatly improved the performance of the entire production line. It no longer needs to rely on labor. And the production line can achieve from feeding to packaging. The automated production has a very high production efficiency.

The production process is more complicated. First of all. We need to prepare some good quality raw materials. The main raw materials of corn flakes are corn, sugar. And various vitamins and minerals. In particular, the quality of corn will directly affect the quality of the corn flakes. To make high-quality corn flakes products, the ratio of nutrients. And seasoning content will also greatly affect the taste of corn flakes.

Therefore, it is very necessary to use high-quality raw materials. In order to obtain higher sales. Manufacturers usually choose relatively high-quality raw materials. After the raw materials are completed. They need to use the production line for production. The entire production line is composed of multiple equipment. Such as flour mixers. Screw conveyors. Twin-screw extruders. Dryers, sugar mist machines. Coolers . Packaging machines and other equipment.

At the beginning of production, workers are required to proportion the raw materials according to the formula. And then transport them to the mixer for uniform mixing of these raw materials. The dough after mixing is transported to the twin-screw extruder through the conveyor. Where the corn flakes The corn flakes are matured. And formed into the final desired shape. The high-quality extruder can make the corn flakes more crispy and richer.

Next, these corn flakes need to be transported to the dryer for baking to make them more crispy. This is also a very important step. If necessary, you can use a sugar mist machine to spray a layer of delicious syrup on the corn flakes or It is chocolate, etc. This kind of corn flakes is also very popular. And it needs to be baked . And dried again after spraying.

Use a cooler to quickly cool the finished corn flakes. It can not only effectively extend the shelf life. But also make the quality of the packaging better. Finally, use the packaging machine for automatic packaging.

Corn flakes have become a high-quality breakfast choice in the new era and are well received by the public. The market demand continues to increase. There are more and more manufacturers of corn flakes. High-quality equipment will help manufacturers stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

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Nowadays, corn flakes are very common. And it is a kind of global food. Suppose you want to change your production situation. Please feel free to contact us, and you will be satisfied!