Cooking oil is an indispensable ingredient in our diet. No matter which country we are in, although our dietary habits may vary, there is no exception to the rule that oil is used in cooking. Cooking oil is also a kind of repetitive consumable, and the market demand is enormous, and the profit margin is also huge.

The high market demand attracts more and more people who want to engage in this industry, but many people do not know much about the oil refining industry. When you want to open an oil refinery plant, it must be based on the premise of profitability, so what exactly is the revenue of an oil refinery?

What is refinery processing gain?

The professional and technical article The top 10 refining production lines by sales in 2021 shows that the edible oil consumption market is large, and the diversification of demand is becoming increasingly evident. The improvement of the economic level has allowed consumers to start using some higher quality oil, which also brings great profits to the refinery. The profit of refineries varies from one size to another. Usually, the annual profit of a 13 square meter refinery is about 100,000, while the yearly profit of a 140 square meter refinery is about 900,000.

The processing profit of oil refineries is very considerable, but the premise is to ensure the quality of edible oil for the factory. If you want to improve the profit, you need to carry out from many aspects.

How can oil refineries improve their processing profit?

1. Select high-quality raw materials

Whether processing soybean oil, peanut oil, or canola oil, the choice of raw materials is very important. Only high-quality raw materials can produce higher-quality edible oil, regardless of color or taste, which can make consumers satisfied.

2. Choose the right production equipment

Manufacturers in the purchase of production equipment need to be based on the actual processing output, to determine the type of oil extraction equipment and refining equipment, configuration, etc., the daily processing capacity of how many tons, the planned annual output of how many tons, finished oil to achieve a few grades of oil, what oil needs to be processed, what additional needs, and so on, only to determine the actual production requirements, in order to set the refining program according to the specific requirements, and to purchase the appropriate refining equipment The actual production requirements can only be determined based on the specific requirements to determine the refining program and purchase the appropriate refining equipment.

In addition, when buying an oil press, try to choose a screw oil press, which can achieve a multi-purpose, applicable to a wide range of environments and oil, set multi-functional in one.

When purchasing refining equipment, pay attention to the results after refining. Only the equipment that can really meet the first and second oil standards is called qualified equipment. Overall, focus on quality, performance, price, brand, and service, and multi-point balance to choose better.

Only use high-quality equipment, and high-quality raw materials can produce high-quality edible oil. As long as the product’s quality passes, it will certainly reap consumers’ recognition, and improving profits will be very easy.

Edible oil refining methods are usually the pressing method and leaching method, pressing method processed edible oil market recognition is higher. The leaching method can produce more oil using the same raw materials. Both pressing and leaching are inseparable from the refining process, and it is vital to remove unfavorable impurities from edible oils effectively.

The Refining oil production line, which many well-known companies use, enjoys a high reputation in the industry and is now exported to countries such as Singapore, Canada, Pakistan, and India. The main process of this line is to refine the raw material through the process of dephosphorization, de-acidification, de-gumming, decolorization, drying, and dewaxing to make the oil meet the national standard.

Refining oil production line is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with small investment, quick effect, reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful layout, the edible oil produced is bright, no smoke during the cooking process, and has very high safety standards.

Our company can also provide oil processing equipment with different grade specifications according to customer requirements and develop feasible oil refining solutions for you to solve actual production problems for users and ensure effective output. If you also want to improve the quality of your edible oil and increase profits, welcome to contact us. We will make sure that you will harvest more loyal customers in the competitive market!