Extrusion is a very standard process technology in modern industrial processing and production, and it occupies a vital position in industrial production. The extrusion process makes many things around us. And this process is also used in many industries, such as food, electronics, plastics, and other fields, which are closely related to our lives.

Nowadays, the extrusion process has become the key for manufacturers to improve production efficiency and production quality. Many people want to have a more in-depth understanding of the extrusion process, so what are the examples of the extrusion process?

What is an example of extrusion?

The professional and technical article Top 10 Extrusion Equipment for Cost Efficiency in 2021 shows that extrusion technology is one of the most used processes in the processing industry, and various industries can use it. Most consumers can directly feel the extrusion technology is a variety of snack foods produced using the Food Extruder Machine.

Extrusion is a processing method in which the material is thermoplasticized by the action between the extruder barrel and the screw while being pushed forward by the screw and continuously passed through the head to make various cross-sectional products or semi-products. And extrusion equipment is the application of extrusion technology. The equipment is also necessary for the modern food processing industry. All kinds of casual puffed food, soy protein meat and macaroni, and so on are made using this type of equipment.

The elemental composition of extrusion equipment:

1. Main machine

They are mainly composed of extrusion systems, transmission systems, and heating and cooling systems.

The primary function of the extrusion system is to plasticize the material and extrude the melt at a fixed quantity, pressure, and temperature. The transmission system can provide the required torque and torque; the heating and cooling system can effectively ensure that the temperature of the material reaches the process requirements during the molding process.

2.Auxiliary machine

It consists of a head, shaping device, cooling device, traction device, coiling device, and cutting device.

3. Control system

Composed of electrical appliances, instruments, and actuators

This system can effectively control the speed and power required during the equipment operation, control the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of the leading and auxiliary machines, ensure the quality of the products, and make the equipment run in a more coordinated manner.

With this elemental composition, the extrusion equipment can produce many types of food quickly and efficiently. We can change the shape of the food by changing the die, so what advantages does the extrusion equipment have to make it a piece of the necessary equipment in the food processing industry?

What are the advantages of extrusion equipment?

1. High production efficiency, good production quality

Extrusion equipment with very advanced extrusion technology can puff the food material under high temperature and high pressure. Food tastes to be more affluent and can retain most of the raw materials’ nutrients. It is an indispensable type of the modern food industry.

2. One machine with multiple applications, a wide range of applications

Manufacturers only need to invest the capital of one extrusion equipment in processing various materials and products. According to the shape and characteristics of the material, to change the mold, you can produce different products.

3. Simple equipment and low investment

The structure of extrusion equipment is simple and easy to produce, but the use is extensive. The low cost allows manufacturers to reduce their investment. Food Extruder Machine is a good application of extrusion technology, with superior performance and many apparent advantages. It becomes one of the most powerful equipment for food processing plants and is the key to increasing profits for manufacturers.

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