Food production requires food processing equipment to complete, and the number of foods is numerous. So food processing tools are not counting, and there are many types. What types of what are the tools of food processing?

Food processing equipment, food machinery, is a general term for processing food raw materials into all mechanical equipment of finished products or semi-finished products. In recent years, my country’s food processing equipment industry has developed rapidly. And the product level has grown new steps, which has begun to occur in scale, complete set, automated, easy to operate. And high technical content begins.

Food processing tools can be divided into results: fruits and vegetables, beverages, pasta, pastries, meat, etc. According to their functions: dry, cooling, puffing, sterilization, frying heat exchange equipment, etc. If the thin says, there are many small categories of food processing equipment, and we are a comprehensive introduction.

Fruit and vegetable processing equipment:

Juicer, beater, check-up machine, fruit vegetable cleaning machine, peeling machine, slicer, conjugator, etc., juicer and pulling machine do not have to be introduced, many people have bought. At present, some manufacturers have been broken, decoded, and pulp functions. This one, after the fruit passes after the washing machine, the crims, meat, skin, nuclear separation, pulley, and high juice rate

Beverage processing equipment:

Most of the beverage manufacturers are mostly the production line, of which the main equipment has water treatment equipment, rustic press, filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment. This automated production line is not only efficient, but also safety sanitation.

Pasta processing equipment:

Pasta main fingers, steamed bread, dumplings, ravioli, cool skin, instant noodles, noodles, etc. Take the bag as an example, the desired equipment is: a plane, kneading machine, tuning machine, kneading machine, etc

Pastry processing equipment:

Different types of pastries are different. Pastry processing equipment can be divided into moon cake machines, biscuits, gewet pie, egg yolk, curva, cake machine, etc. Taking biscuits as an example, its production line consists of biscuit molding machine, tunnel hot air circulation electric oven, injector, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwich machine, packaging table.

Meat processing equipment:

The meat processing equipment is well known to the public, but in fact, the meat processing equipment is divided, and there is a meat machine, a chopping machine, a sawibody equipment, a meat, meatball machine, Enema machine, steaming equipment, flesh separation equipment, upper pulverized powder equipment, fish shrimp processing equipment, meat products drying equipment, meat products sterilization equipment, meat products thawing equipment, etc.

Food drying equipment:

Industrial MicroWave Food Proce will mostly use the oven, which belongs to food drying equipment, in addition to, there are a variety of different styles of dryers such as granulation, flash dryer, spray dryer, drum dryer, Rain dryer, vacuum dryer, microwave dryer, airflow dryer, box dryer, vertical dryer, fluidized bed dryer, air dryer, etc.

Food refrigeration equipment:

Freezer, frozen equipment, cold storage, refrigerated preservation equipment, refrigerator, refrigerator, display cabinet, fresh cabinet, spout cabinet, deli cabinet, refrigerator, preservation table, cake cabinet, refrigerator, chiller, refrigerator, Freezer, lyophilizer. Generally speaking, most of the dumplings, buns, and steamed bread producers are a quick-frozen equipment. And the display cabinet, fresh cabinet, and cake cabinets are more common in the supermarket store.

Food sterilization equipment:

Sterilization equipment has bactericidal machines, bactericidal pots, sterilization machines, disinfection machines, microwave sterilization equipment, ultraviolet sterilization equipment, Paparte. There are three sterilization methods of milk, and the Bactericidal method and ultra-high temperature are sterilized. It is a Paparte Macterial Macterial. But this kind of bactericidal is not thorough. And ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization is the most advanced one techniques.

It can be said that my country’s mechanical production has met the basic demand in China. And a large number of sold abroad, in the mechanical variety of exports, more mechanical exports such as food processing machines, oven, packages, labels, paper-plastic aluminum composite tank production equipment, etc. Food processing equipment such as sugar, wine, drink, liquid food filling machine has begun to export. Industrial MicroWave Food Proce is also well developed.