What is food processing? Food processing is to make things that can eat through some procedures, causing better or more beneficial changes. And passing the original food or other raw materials through the human handling process. Forming a new form of direct edible products. This process is food Processing. For example, use wheat through milling, screening, adding stirring, molding drying, becoming a biscuit, is a process of food processing. Food processing is a professional technology.

The development of the food processing industry is inseparable from the processing equipment. With the rapid growth of China’s food industry, the industrial structure is continuously optimized. The variety is more rich, the annual growth rate is high. And the demand for Chinese food has achieved rapid growth. Food processing method Methods have more and more, more food processing equipment. My country’s food processing equipment manufacturing industry has also achieved rapid development. What Are the Recent Methods of Processing Food ?

The development of the food processing industry has a long history. In the past, our ancestors will have a simple food processing method. So we have hundreds of processing methods. Such as integrated processing technology, product processing, seasoning processing. Wine processing, starch and its product processing, puffed food processing, confectionery product processing, beverage processing, aquatic product processing, egg product processing, facial product processing. Industrial Microwave Food Proce, Dairy processing, soy product processing, meter processing , Potato products, vegetable products processing, fruit products processing, etc.

Food processing method:

1, seasoning food processing: mainly used salt, processed can adjust the food flavor, making the raw material soft. Accurate the texture of the raw material, and can prevent corrosion, inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms.

2, low temperature processing: low temperature freezer processing can be treated with food, rapidly freezing. So that the microorganism cannot grow. This can keep the original flavor of the food, and nutrient loss will also be reduced, and the general food can be greatly extended by low temperature.

3, high temperature machining: kill microorganisms, destroy enzymes, food as a sterile state at 100 degrees or more, and food is a sterile state, and the storage period can reach a year to three years, but the food is more useful for vitamin content, it is easy to withstand heat destroy.

4, preservative processing: commonly used to assist other processing methods to save food, such as adding a fermented food or dry food, it is necessary to note that can not use preservatives.

5, food dehydration processing: mainly divided into sun drying, dry drying, freeze dry, etc., but dehydration will damage the shape, color, texture and nutrient ingredients of plants.

6, microwave food processing: industrial microwave food proce uses microwave heating with fast heating speed, low heat loss, convenient operation, etc., can shorten process time, improve productivity, reduce cost, but also improve product quality, is a very advanced food Processing Technology.

What are the food processing methods? These six ways are more common, and some other methods are also possible to process foods well. The raw materials for food processing are mainly animals and plants, these raw materials have some problems in storage. It can be easily stored through food processing, and it can also improve the nutritional value of food, and the utilization can also increase, so that food is more suitable for transportation, commodity reinforcement, and more important is to strengthen security.

The people take food as the sky. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the people put forward higher requirements for the food industry. Modern food has developed toward nutrition, green, convenient, functional food, and functional food will become mainstream food in the new century. The food industry has also become the pillar industry of the national economy. As the food machinery industry in the equipment and food industry is especially rapid, and the food processing method is also increasingly advanced.