What is the method of food packaging?

What are the specific forms of packaging?

When we go to buy food in the store, we will find that almost all food has packaging, the importance of packaging is self-evident. Packaging is also the last link in the modern food processing industry, but also a significant link. Quality packaging can not only extend the shelf life of food but also attract the attention of consumers.

Suppose we want to improve the quality and sales of food. In that case, it is necessary to improve the level of food packaging. Today’s packaging is also a variety of packaging, only to understand the most basic packaging methods to make full use of the advantages of packaging, so what are the methods of packaging?

What are the methods of food packaging?

1. Thermal packaging method

2. Aseptic packaging method

The food packaging method is a method in which food is packed into a container with a certain specification, sealed, sterilized, and then stored, transported, and eaten. It is an integral part of the food processing method. There are many forms of food packaging, but in essence, mainly divided into two categories.

Thermal packaging method: It means to heat and sterilize the food after it is packaged and sealed. Currently, high temperature (>120°C) short-term sterilization is often used.

Aseptic packaging method: It refers to the food and the container are sterilized separately (the container can be sterilized by cold) and then filled and sealed under aseptic conditions.

Due to the wide variety of foods and the continuous increase of new types, the nature and form of various products are also diverse. The packaging requirements are different, so packaging forms and packaging methods are also very diverse and constantly changing.

The use of these two packaging methods, derived from a variety of different forms of packaging:

1.Aseptic processing


3. Bag

4. box

5. cans


7.Flexible packaging


9. Wrapping paper

Aseptic processing is applied to foods that are aseptic and have to be kept in a sterile environment. These foods include liquid eggs, milk and dairy beverages, and other foods that are processed and need to be kept for a long time.

Trays are mainly used for packaging things that can be carried, such as meat, plant seeds, and beverages.

Bags are also a common form of food packaging, most commonly bags of snacks, such as chips and pretzels, and some fruits, such as apples and bananas.

Boxes are the easiest way to transport food. Frozen pizza, cereal, and snack crackers are all foods packaged in boxes.

Cans are also an excellent way to preserve and transport food. Most cans are made of steel or other thin metal, and foods such as canned fruit and eight-pack porridge are packaged using cans.

There are usually four categories of carton type packaging, such as egg cartons, which are mainly egg-shaped and add protection when food is moved. Aseptic cartons also fall into this category, such as milk and juice. Another classification of cartons is the folding carton, which is initially flat and requires assembly when used. The last category is the hill-wall top carton. These cartons usually contain milk or juice and require pinching the top hill wall and then pulling to open.

Flexible packaging is similar to bags. Flexible packaging protects food from the environment, and bagged salads are a common food item in flexible packaging.

Trays are used for mass transportation of products. And wrapping paper is usually used for individual items, effectively preventing food from being contaminated by hands, such as sugar paper.

There are many different forms of food packaging for different kinds of food. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of packaging, it is necessary to use professional packaging equipment for packaging, and the most commonly used equipment is the food packaging line.

The food packaging line is used by many well-known companies and can provide manufacturers with a very efficient packaging method. The products packaged have a high quality and a greatly extended shelf life. And can effectively enhance the image of the brand and further promote the development of the company.

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