Biscuits are atypical and very delicious snacks, with many types and flavors. It is well known that the raw material of biscuits is wheat flour. So it also has the effect of filling the stomach. Therefore, patients with stomach problems can use “biscuit snacks” to reduce the burden on the belly of the next meal and avoid excessive stomach expansion. On the other hand, soda biscuits It is an alkaline food. Therefore, it can react with acid ions, neutralize excessive gastric acid in the stomach, and avoid the pain of hunger.

There are many benefits of eating biscuits. Because of their variety, both adults and children like to eat biscuits. Is Biscuit production profitable?

Biscuit making is undoubtedly a profitable business, and it can also be started as a small-scale business. In this business, any entrepreneur can start a business with very little capital.

The food industry is now the most popular and the most profitable. But, if you want to start a biscuit business, do you know what work you should prepare in advance?

、First, you should go to the local health bureau to apply for some permits to open a food processing plant. These permits need to be processed step by step to complete the first step.

Two 、In addition, you need to wait for the review of the Health Bureau. And at the same time, you have to train following the requirements. During the training, you can learn some hygiene knowledge about making food.

Three 、Secondly, it is necessary to prepare the funds to open a food processing plant. The initial investment is relatively significant. But it is still required to observe the market to make better investments.

Four 、Then there is the renting of the premises of the food processing factory. But, of course, the location of the factory is more important. As long as space is more reasonable, that’s it.

Five 、Then choose the right food processing industry, the number of employees should not be too high. Otherwise, it will be a lot of burdens, so that the planning is slow, even if it is slowly on the right track.

After securing the venue and process, the most important thing to pay attention to is the Biscuit Production Line. 

An automatic biscuit making machine is a kind of professional biscuit production equipment, mainly composed of a dough mixer, biscuit forming machine, oven, fuel injection machine, cooling belt, etc. Different models, ex-factory prices, and quality are guaranteed.

Nowadays, biscuits are mainly divided into crisp biscuits and tough biscuits. A high-performance Biscuit Production Line can produce all kinds of biscuits only by changing molds. Food production line manufacturers will also provide you with various biscuits recipes. . Do you know how crisp biscuits and tough biscuits are made?

·Crispy biscuits: take wheat flour, sugar, and oil as the primary raw materials, add loosening agents and other auxiliary materials, and make the shape by cold powder process powder adjustment, roll pressing, roll printing, or punching and baking. Most of the conditions are embossed. Baked food with porous structure and loose taste. Such as butter biscuits, spring onion biscuits, sesame biscuits, meringue biscuits, and so on.

Tough biscuits: Take wheat flour, sugar, and oil as the primary raw materials, add bulking agents, improvers, and other auxiliary materials. And the patterns made by hot powder process powder adjustment, roll pressing, roll cutting or punching, and baking are mostly gravures. As a result, the appearance is smooth, the surface is flat, there are pinholes, the section is layered, and the taste is crispy, such as milk biscuits, vanilla biscuits, egg biscuits, mary biscuits, Boston biscuits, etc.