Corn flakes is the most common breakfast cereal in the world, and it is also a food that can be accepted by friends all over the world. It is very convenient to eat. It is very suitable for those who are more urgent for breakfast. You only need to brew it with milk. It replenishes the body with full nutrition and has a very strong feeling of fullness, so it is very suitable for breakfast.

Nowadays, corn flakes have become a must-have breakfast food for many families. Eating corn flakes can save a lot of time and make the whole morning look orderly. It is well known that corn flakes are made with corn as the main raw material, so what is the content of corn in corn flakes?

How much corn is in cornflakes?

The professional technical article in the top five corn flakes production lines in 2021 shows that corn flakes are very popular breakfast cereals and are also used as meal replacements during weight loss. Corn flakes are mainly made of corn flour, sugar, salt, vitamins and minerals, and seasonings. The content of corn flour accounts for about 8%.

When making corn flakes, what kind of corn is used is very important. High-quality corn can make corn flakes with a richer taste. After years of development, manufacturers have found that the taste and nutrition of corn flakes produced by hard dent corn are at the leading level. Hard dent corn has a higher horny endosperm content and high transparency after starch gelatinization, so it can give corn flakes a better appearance and is more recognized by consumers.

The main process of using corn to make corn flakes is as follows:
Raw material selection:

Most manufacturers use corn residue directly, which must be peeled, degerminated, and cleaned and screened. In mass production, corn dregs with neat grains should be used for processing.


Ingredients such as corn dregs, sugar, vitamins, and minerals are in proportion to the ingredients. A high-quality formula is very important. This is not only related to the taste of corn flakes, but also directly related to the nutritional content of corn flakes.

Extrusion curing molding
Extrusion technology is the key to determining the quality of corn flakes. The corn flakes must be matured without puffing, so that the corn flakes have a crispy taste and unique flavor.

The matured material is cut into uniform grains, and the corn flakes are preliminarily formed.


The cut corn flakes will be dried so that the corn flakes will not stick together and the subsequent processing will be smoother.

The tableting process is also the key to the production of corn flakes. The requirements for the tablet press are very high. The surface of the roll must have a high degree of smoothness and the roll must be kept at a constant temperature.

High temperature drying
Corn flakes dried at high temperature will become very crispy, and the shelf life will be effectively extended.

Since different people have different tastes, it is necessary to season corn flakes, such as light corn flakes, salted corn flakes and sweet corn flakes, to give consumers more choices.

This is the last step in the production of corn flakes. Once the packaging is complete, it can be sold.

The above is the specific production process of corn flakes. In order to make high-quality corn flakes, in addition to using high-quality raw materials, the quality of the equipment is also very important. High-quality equipment will maximize the advantages of corn. The best taste of corn flakes.

Corn Flake Production Line is a very well-known food machinery in the industry. It consists of mixers, conveyors, twin-screw extruders, dryers, tablet presses, high-temperature ovens and other equipment. Good applications have now been exported to many countries and regions such as Western Europe, Canada, India, and Thailand.

Corn Flake Production Line has very high cost performance, reliable quality, not easy to damage, simple operation. Realizes a continuous and highly automated production method, low production cost, and can produce various types and shapes of breakfast cereals. The production level is high. Due to the special processing conditions, the damage to the starch structure of the cereal is minimal during the processing. Therefore, the corn flakes and other cereals produced have long-lasting crispness in the milk and are recognized by consumers.

Corn flakes are very popular breakfast cereals, and the demand is very high. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!