Biscuits are a very popular snack food. It can be said that they occupy half of the snack food industry. There are also many types of biscuits. Each type of biscuits has its favorite crowd. Old people prefer peach biscuits, while children prefer butter biscuits or chocolate biscuits. While some adults may prefer soda biscuits to lose weight.

It can be said that biscuits have penetrated into people of all ages and are an indispensable food in our daily lives. Now more and more people understand the detailed process of making biscuits. Out of their love for the baking business, many people start to make biscuits by themselves. But for those who are making biscuits for the first time. There are many unclear steps, such as how long does it take to bake the biscuits?

How long do you put biscuits in the oven?

The professional technical article in the top ten biscuit production lines by sales in 2021 shows that biscuits are a kind of food that is in great demand. The production process is relatively simple. You can make them at home. It is very important to master the baking time of biscuits. To a large extent affect the quality of biscuits. Different biscuits require different baking time, usually 20-30 minutes.

Before you start to bake the biscuits, you need to preheat the oven first. You can adjust the temperature knob to the desired temperature in advance. Turn on the switch and cook for a period of time. So that the biscuits can reach the desired temperature when they enter the oven. The action of preheating the oven can quickly set the shape of the biscuit dough. And also maintain a better taste. Preheating the oven is a very important baking knowledge. Don’t forget it, otherwise the taste of the biscuits will change greatly. The larger the volume of the oven, the longer the preheating time required, ranging from about 5-10 minutes.

Put the prepared biscuits in the oven and bake them at the temperature of 180 for the upper heat and 170 for the lower heat. It will be about 15 minutes or so. Do not take out the biscuits immediately after turning off the heat. Place them in the oven and use the remaining temperature Bake for about 5 minutes or so, so that the baked biscuits will be more crispy and delicious.

Different biscuits require different baking time. You need to pay attention to the color of the biscuits and just apply the color. You can choose the light or dark color point by yourself. After reaching the ideal state you need, you can stop baking and bake After that, remember to keep it in the oven for a while to make it more crispy.

Here are the baking times for some common biscuits:
Very thin biscuits bake for about 10-15 minutes.
Soft but not very thick, biscuits with a thickness of about 5mm need to be baked at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. Common biscuits are cookies other than soft cookies.
For biscuits that are crisp but not thick, about 3mm need to be baked at 160 degrees for about 25 minutes. Common biscuits are digestive cakes.
Crisp and thick biscuits, with a thickness of about 1cm-1.5cm, need to be baked at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes. Common biscuits are cracked biscuits and soft cookies.
Puffed biscuits need about 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Common biscuits include soda biscuits.

As long as you can master the raw materials for making biscuits and the baking time, you can make very delicious biscuits. When you make biscuits by yourself, you need to be more assured to eat, and you can improve your baking ability by self-cultivation. Therefore, more and more people are starting to make their own biscuits. Cookies.

However, some people think that the biscuits made by themselves are not as good as those made by the manufacturers. This is because the manufacturers use high-quality production equipment in addition to the abundant raw materials.

Biscuit Production Line is a very well-known food machinery in the industry. Its performance has reached the world’s leading level. It has been exported to Singapore, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries, helping local customers to further expand the market scale.

Biscuit Production Line is mainly composed of dough mixer, biscuit forming machine, oven, fuel injection machine, cooling belt and other equipment. It has a variety of different models and can produce different types of biscuits. The equipment is stable in quality, cost-effective, and highly automated production methods can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is a boon for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the process of making your own biscuits, you need to strictly control the baking time of the biscuits. If you want to learn more about baking, welcome to communicate with us!