Cornflakes are a new type of breakfast cereal food. It has a very unique flavor, crispy taste is very attractive. Which can be directly edible with milk, or it can be made into other types of food. And the use is very extensive, so consumption General welcomes.

Today, cornflakes have become very common in our lives. And there are many different corn flake brands. Then what do you understand how cornflakes made?

How is corn flakes prepared?

The corn flakes are raw materials with a variety of grains such as corn, wheat, oatmeal, and achieve cooking, granulation, reproductive tablets, baking, spray coating, etc., which can be made into the original, sweet, Salty brittle, ready-to-eat breakfast, cornfood. The production process of corn flakes is complicated, and manufacturers need to use high quality Corn Flake Production Line to produce higher quality corn flakes.

The specific production process of the corn flakes is as follows:

First, you need to choose high quality raw materials, then follow the cornflake formula, high quality raw materials and high-quality formulations will produce higher quality corn flakes.

The adjustment of the feedstock is transported into the extrusion machine, and the high temperature high pressure is extruded, and the corn flakes are completely ripened without any puffing. After the cutting, the raw material is cut into a uniform raw material that is consistent, and the dryer is performed in the dryer, and the drying corn flakes do not adhere, so that the final quality will be higher.

Next, the tablet is performed, and the corn flakes will be pressed into thin state, then drying again, high temperature baking makes the corn flakes very crisp, the organizational structure is more dense, corn flavor is more prominent.

The corn flakes made of the corn flakes are cornflakes after cooling, but now the increase in consumer demand has changed the production process of the cornflakes, and some of the postpartial sequence processing, such as smelling or chocolate. Make the flavors of the corn flakes more unique.

The above is the production process of cornflakes. After the changes in the times and the development of science and technology, the corn flakes have had a very complete production process, and they have achieved automated production. Most manufacturers will use corn flakes. Production line.

The composition of the production line:

  1. Motto machine
  2. Spiral feeder
  3. Vibration conveyor
  4. Air transport machine
  5. Strip
  6. High temperature dryer
  7. Double tube high temperature spray line
  8. Vibration Push Machine
  9. Cooling conveyor

In addition, there are also a variety of devices available, you can use only single devices, you can also use the device, if you want to produce more quality cornflakes, you need more The equipment is produced.

Corn Flake Production Line is a fully automated production line developed and produced in conjunction with advanced technology at home and abroad. It has a scientific production process. It can keep the nutrients in the cereals. While producing nutrition, delicious breakfast, can effectively improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve market competitiveness. And the production line can also produce breakfast cereal foods in various shapes.

The market demand in corn flakes is very high. If you think that the industry is profitable, you are ready to engage in the industry. I believe our equipment will provide you with the greatest help. Our equipment has the most advanced crafts. Looking forward to more domestic and foreign customers to come to our factory to conduct field inspections, welcome you!