If we must pick out one of the most popular food, I believe that many people will choose fried food. The fried food is crispy and delicious. Fried potato chips, French fries, fried chicken, fried fish, etc., each will make people drool. Fried food in the food industry has always occupied a vital position.

The progress of technology has also made our kitchen change a lot. Now, many families and restaurants will use professional fryers to make fried food, professional equipment cooking food to be more delicious, so how does the fryer actually work?

How does a deep fryer work?

Professional technical article The top 10 fryer for cost performance in 2021 shows that the fryer is a professional equipment used to make fried food, playing an essential role in the kitchen field. You can make the most delicious fried food in the shortest possible time. Its working process is relatively simple, using the advanced oil-water mixing frying process, completely changing the structure of the traditional frying equipment,  solving the drawbacks of the traditional type fryer fundamentally.

Oil fryer, also known as an electric fryer, refers to the oil as the primary raw material, the food frying cooking process of kitchen equipment, widely used in fast-food restaurants, hotels, and catering establishments.

Fryer is a smoke-free, multi-functional, oil-water mixed frying equipment, using a mixture of oil and water frying process. In the cooking process, you can use oil, water, animal oil; the principle of different specific gravity makes cooking residues all sink into the water, and animal fats sink into the lower layer of vegetable oil. It fundamentally solves the problem of residues, animal fats, and repeated frying in the traditional frying machine that makes the fried oil acidified and carbonized, and deteriorated to produce carcinogens.

The specific working principle of oil fryer:

In the same open container with oil and water, the relative density of oil occupies the upper part of the container. The relative density of water occupies the lower position of the container. The electric heaters are placed horizontally in the oil layer of the container, and frying food is in the oil layer. A horizontal cooler and forced circulation fan are installed at the oil-water interface to cool the water so that the temperature of the oil-water interface is controlled below 55°C.

The food residue generated when frying food falls from the high-temperature oil layer and accumulates in the lower temperature water layer at the bottom. At the same time, the oil contained in the residue returns to the oil layer after the water layer is separated, and the residue that falls into the water can be discharged with the water.

The fryer can cook nutritious, healthy, and delicious fried food by using this principle, which is the main reason why more and more workplaces are starting to use the fryer. The advantages of the fryer are also very much.

Why do people love to use deep fryers?

1. To ensure the quality and health of food

The special oil-water mixing process makes some residue and grease far away from the active layer. To ensure that the oil layer is kept pure, the fried food without black spots, beautiful appearance has high-quality assurance.

2.Oil saving

Oil-water mixing technology can make the water below the oil layer continuously produce a small amount of steam, and penetrate into the oil layer to add moisture to the frying oil, thus inhibiting a large amount of oil volatilization, effectively alleviating the degree of oxidation of the frying oil, inhibiting the generation of acid, can extend the use cycle of the frying oil, compared to the traditional fryer can save about 50% of the oil.

3. Food does not string taste

By taking advantage of the specific gravity of vegetable oil and animal oil, all fried foods stay in each layer of oil so that even if you cook many different foods simultaneously, there is no flavor cascading.

The fryer is an indispensable piece of equipment in modern kitchens and plays a vital role, especially in commercial activities where the fryer can be of great help.

The frying system uses the most advanced water-oil mixing technology, which has excellent performance. The food cooked with full color and flavor can be significantly improved, which is conducive to improving the business’s visibility.

The frying system has a novel style, reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain, fast heating, easy to clean, low price, and very high-cost performance. If you want to improve the quality of your food, or you also want to buy a fryer to make fried food, this equipment will be your best choice!