Biscuit Production Line is composed of biscuit forming machine. Tunnel hot air circulation electric oven. Fuel injection machine. Turning machine. Cooling line. Biscuit sorting machine. Biscuit sandwiching machine. Packaging table, etc. The above are from the best food machinery operation steps in 2021. If you want to start a biscuit business. The most important thing is to choose a suitable Biscuit Production Line.

So How do you set up a production line?

1. Set up enough working area. You will have to have enough physical space to set up your production line.

2. Assemble all necessary materials.

3. Specify the start and endpoints.

4. Create a small workstation.

5. Prepare the required raw materials.

6. Distribute materials to each workstation.

Before starting the biscuit business. You need to be concerned about the location of the factory:

The priority is the geographic location—local costs. And the transportation cost of raw materials. And finished products. The conditions for obtaining labor. And the quality of employees’ living environment. The proximity to the market or customers. And the convenience of services. Proximity to suppliers. And manufacturing resources Degree. And convenience. Policy advantages. And other local soft environments.

Overall plant and supporting design:

Draw architectural structure detailed drawings of various buildings—detailed installation drawings of equipment and pipelines. We have detailed construction drawings of various outdoor projects. And prepare all equipment. And materials schedules and construction budgets.

When the factory work area is ready. It would be best if you also had fire protection approval and acceptance:

1. After the completed construction project has passed the preliminary inspection by design. Construction. Supervision. And other units organized by the architectural design unit. The construction unit shall submit a report requesting the organization of fire protection. Acceptance to the public security fire protection agency. And fill in the “Construction Engineering Fire Protection Acceptance Declaration Form” ;

2. Inspection report of building fire protection facilities;

3. Inspection report of fire water supply and fire lane;

4. A copy of the fire protection construction permit of the fire protection engineering construction enterprise;

5. The construction unit organizes the design. Construction. And supervision unit fire safety quality inspection. And acceptance report;

Finally. Prepare for the construction of the plant:

Pre-construction construction procedures (Construction Bureau): construction drawing review and approval. Construction project individual approval. Construction project planning permit. Bidding for the construction permit (Construction Bureau): construction land permit. Project construction application form and number. Construction project planning permit. Bid winning notice. Accident insurance policy. Drawing review approval letter, etc.

Post-construction acceptance (Audit Bureau. Construction Bureau. Fire Brigade. Meteorological Bureau. Environmental Protection Bureau): environmental protection acceptance. Audit acceptance. Planning acceptance. Lightning protection acceptance. Fire protection acceptance, project acceptance. Property right certificate (Housing Management Bureau): registrant’s business Two copies of license or identity. State-owned land use certificate. Construction project planning permit. Completion acceptance registration certificate. Building area surveying and mapping results report, etc.

After all the above conditions are met, the suitable Biscuit Production Line can be put into trial operation if you will not start the biscuit business. Just experience and watch the process of the production line first. Then you can come to our factory. We have been producing and developing food machinery for more than 30 years. And we can reply to you as soon as you have any questions.

In addition, after using the Biscuit Production Line. To prevent the difference in the taste of different types of biscuits. The production line needs to be cleaned when the following kind of biscuits are produced. 

The cleaning can be carried out in the following steps:

1. Biscuit Production Line should regularly take out the filter for cleaning. However, it should be noted that the best time for cleaning is when the body of the shortbread machine is completely cooled. After the reverse flushing. The impurities on the filter screen are rinsed off. If necessary, use a brush to scrub the filter gently.

2. After the filter is cleaned. Could you put it back into the machine in time? And pay attention to the correct position.

3. Pay attention to the removal of debris when cleaning. And do a good job of collecting impurities. After the operation, the site must be cleaned.

4. If the mixing blade in the Biscuit Production Line is challenging to clean. Clean it several times. Do not use abrasive cleaners and complex wool fabrics to clean it to avoid damage to the non-stick layer and affect the subsequent mixing and cleaning.