Corn flakes are a very common food that we usually buy from Corn Flake Production Line. As a fast food, corn flakes are easy to eat and very tasty, they are nutritious, healthy, and delicious, and there are many ways to eat them.

If you like the crunchy texture, you can eat them dry, and they are also quite fragrant, or you can eat them with boiling water. For those who like to eat sweets, you can add some sugar, soaking them in water is also very sweet.

It can be eaten with hot milk, put into the milk inside the bubble, is also a good choice, and if put into the yogurt inside, another taste, as breakfast or snack to eat is also very good.

Or eat it with soy milk, either pure soy milk or soy milk made from grains and cereals, or rice and rice porridge.

Corn flakes can not only be eaten alone but also made into other foods that are very tasty. So, How do you make corn flakes taste better? Here are a few ways to eat corn flakes that taste good.

One, Nutritious porridge

1, rice and corn flakes 50g each, appropriate sugar amount.

2, wash the rice.

3, add water to the pot, put the rice and cornflakes, cover, and cook.

4, boil, adjust to keep warm, add the right amount of sugar, continue to cook, cook until the rice is fried, corn into a sticky paste can be.

Two, scallion corn brand

1: 200g corn flakes, one teaspoon oil, two teaspoons salt, two teaspoons five-spice powder, two green onions.

2: Wash the corn flakes, spread them out, dry them on a plate, or spread them in a fine sieve and drain them.

3: Brush an electric pancake pan with oil, turn on the power and preheat.

4, the tortilla chips into the electric pancake pan.

5, corn flakes cooked until will be cooked, mix in the appropriate amount of salt, five spice powder, tossing evenly.

6, sprinkle the appropriate amount of green onion, toss evenly, serve.

Three, fried fish balls

1、350g of fish, 100g of corn flakes, oil, salt, scallions, fish flavor powder appropriate amount.

2, remove the spines of the fish, chopped them into fish paste.

3, prepare shallots, add salt, fish flavor powder, mix well.

4, prepare the corn flakes, make the fish ball into the corn flakes wrapped in corn flakes into fish balls.

5、Heat oil in the pot, put in the fish balls.

6, deep-fried, deep-fried cooked out of the pan.

Four, nutritious rice cereal

1, corn flakes 20g, oats 10g, millet 20g, almond flour 10g, sesame seeds 10g, rice kernel 10g, icing sugar appropriate amount.

2, all kinds of grains to take the appropriate amount into the soybean milk machine.

3, add the right amount of water and rock sugar. Children should eat thicker food as a staple food, and don’t put too much water.

4, start the rice paste function, 15 minutes.

Five, egg-flavored corn flakes

1, corn flakes 120g, two eggs, oil, salt, five spice powder appropriate amount.

2, add the egg to the cornflakes and mix well.

3, add a spoonful of salt and mix well, then add a spoonful of five spice powder and mix well.

4, non-stick pan with the right amount of oil.

5, pour in the corn flakes, turn to low heat, slowly stir-fry, stir-fry until the corn flakes without hard heart can be removed from the pan.

Six, grilled Chicken Chop with Corn Chips

1, chicken breast cut into thin slices.

2, tap the front and back of the chicken breasts with a meat loosening hammer to knock them loose.

3, then use a fork to poke holes in the knocked loose chicken breasts. (Convenient marinade to taste)

4, with the prepared seasonings: cooking wine, soy sauce chicken sauce, soy sauce, five spice powder, sugar, ginger marinade chicken breast, about half an hour marinade.

5, the corn flakes laid flat on a baking sheet, into the oven, 180 degrees for 10 minutes, the corn flakes baked hard and crispy.

6, baked and cooled tortilla chips, put in a grinder and beat into powder.

7, Take out the marinated chicken breasts and coat them evenly with a layer of cornflake powder.

8, Wrap the chicken breasts with corn flakes and lay them flat on a baking sheet with tin foil.

9, preheat the oven, 180 degrees, bake for 20 minutes.

10, eat it while it’s hot. It’s very crispy, oil-free, and low-fat, never worry about getting fat and long meat. It is delicious with salad dressing or tomato sauce.

There are too many ways to make corn flakes delicious. The above are some of the more nutritious ones for your reference. As professional equipment for making corn flakes, Corn Flake Production Line can produce high-quality corn flakes. You can buy it with confidence and change the method while eating to make various delicious snacks.