The times are developing, and society is advancing. And all aspects of life have changed before quietly. Even our diet has inadvertently altered. The accelerated pace of life makes more and more people rely on corn flakes, especially office workers. Skipping breakfast is a widespread thing. But corn flakes can bring a straightforward way of eating.

The way to eat corn flakes is straightforward. Pour the corn flakes into a cup. Then pour milk or yogurt. And you can eat it. It tastes crispy and sweet. And it is very light and tasteless. Even if it eats in the office or classroom, it’s okay. And it won’t make others feel annoying. And corn flakes are very rich in nutrients. Regular consumption can make our bodies healthier.

The corn flakes purchased from the store are cheap and rich in taste. And have received any attention from the public. Do you know how these corn flakes made?

How do you make corn flakes commercially?

The professional technical article in the most cost-effective corn flakes production line in 2021. It shows that commercial corn flakes are different from homemade corn flakes. And need to achieve efficient—high-quality, and stable production. Only high-quality raw materials and high-quality equipment can make output smoother. Therefore, Usually use professional production lines for production. The production method of corn flakes is mainly based on corn flour as the primary raw material. After the extrusion process of the extruder machine in the production line. The high-temperature maturation and the extrusion molding process of the tablet press. It becomes a fragile flake.

The following is the specific production process of corn flakes:

First of all, it is the preparation of raw materials. To produce high-quality corn flakes. It would be best if you used high-quality corn. Manufacturers usually reach a long-term cooperative relationship with corn growers to obtain a stable supply of corn. Some manufacturers will Choose to grow corn by themselves. It can effectively guarantee the quality of corn.

After obtaining high-quality corn, it would be best if you ground the corn into powder. Then mix it with other raw materials such as sugar. Salt. Minerals. Vitamins, etc. Please put it in a mixer, add an appropriate amount of water. And stir thoroughly to make it smooth. Dough.

The conveyor conveys the mixed dough to the extruder. The manufacturer also has high requirements for the quality of the conveyor. The conveyor that does not produce pollution during transportation is what the manufacturer needs to ensure the quality and hygiene of the food. The problem is the key to determining whether the manufacturer can develop in the long term.

The extruder will squeeze and mature the dough. And produce corn flakes with a fixed shape according to the shape of the die. The performance of the extruder will directly affect the taste of the corn flakes. And high-performance extruders are more popular with manufacturers.

The formed corn flakes need to drive with a dryer to prevent them from sticking together. It is more convenient for subsequent processing after drying. Use a tablet press for tableting processing.

At this time. You can use a sugar fog machine to spray some chocolate or syrup on the corn flakes to enrich the corn flakes’ taste further. Of course. This step is optional.

After that, use the dryer for high-temperature drying again to make the corn flakes golden and crisp. So that the delicious corn flakes made, and finally use the packaging machine for orderly packaging.

The above is the specific process of commercial production of corn flakes. In this process, the Corn Flake Production Line plays a significant role. Science and technology have brought about tremendous changes in the food processing industry. Only high-efficiency production can keep up with the development of the market. They are allowing manufacturers to control the right. To speak in a highly competitive market.

The Corn Flake Production Line of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. It has very high quality. And many well-known manufacturers are using this production line. Our engineers have selected the best quality materials. And components. Making the equipment have an extended use time. And the operation is very stable. The production efficiency is high. And the production quality is good. The corn flakes produced are even more popular.

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The production of corn flakes has achieved standard automated high-efficiency output. They are allowing customers to obtain more hygienic and nutritious corn flakes. Driven by technology, the corn flakes industry will surely usher in more remarkable progress!