What are the main components of an extruder?

What are the advantages of the extruder?

The food processing industry has undergone qualitative changes under the impetus of science and technology. Traditional manual production has been abandoned by the times, and mechanized production has become the mainstream. Many high-tech equipments are used in the actual processing production, further promoting the development of the food processing industry.

The extruder is food machinery used by many manufacturers, can produce many different types of food. The production of food has a high quality, so the extruder is very recognized by manufacturers. So how is the extruder made?

How do you make an extruder?

The extruder is an essential presence in the food processing industry, with the most advanced extrusion process. Therefore, the extruder is usually developed by professional manufacturers after repeated experiments to help manufacturers obtain higher production quality and production efficiency.

The main components of an extruder include:

1. transmission part

2. Feeding device

3. Barrel

4. screw

5. Head

6. mouth die

When making the extruder, you need to prepare the parts of these six parts. The transmission part is usually composed of a motor, gearbox, and bearing, etc. This part usually uses an AC rectifier motor, DC motor, and other devices to achieve stepless variable speed, and the general screw speed is 10~100 rpm.

The filling device usually uses a conical filling hopper, whose volume must provide at least one hour of dosage. The hopper has a cut-off device at the bottom and is equipped with a side sight hole and a device for calibrating the measurement. Some hoppers may also have a depressurization device or heating device to prevent the raw material from absorbing moisture from the air. Some barrels may have their own agitator to feed or refill them automatically.

The barrel is generally a metal barrel made of alloy steel or composite steel pipe lined with alloy steel. The barrel is equipped with electric heaters, temperature automatic control devices, and cooling systems that are heated by resistance, inductance, and other methods.

The screw is the heart of the extruder and the key component of the extruder. The performance of the screw will directly determine the superior performance of an extruder. Like the barrel, the screw is also made of high strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. The alloy is prepared.

The machine head and the die are usually a whole, and they are commonly referred to as the machine head. The components of the machine head and the die include a filter, a porous plate, a diverter (sometimes it is combined with the core to form a part), a core, and a die. And parts such as the machine neck.

These are the basic components of an extruder. It is not enough to have these components, but it is also necessary to have a high level of the production process to produce the best performance extruder.

Extruders have many advantages and are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the modern food processing industry.

What are the advantages of extruders?

1. High production capacity

Extruders provide continuous processing from conveying to extrusion in a small footprint but with much greater capacity than any other cooking and forming unit of the same volume.

2. High energy utilization

The extruder cooks various foods under the condition of relatively low moisture content in the material, which greatly reduces the energy consumption for the re-drying of the food after cooking and cooking.

3. Low cost

The labor, equipment space, and energy consumption required per unit of product are smaller than those of other cooking and forming devices, resulting in lower costs and higher benefits.

4. Variety of product shapes

The extruder can produce various shapes that are difficult to produce by other processing methods by changing the form of the die head and cutting method.

Nowadays, the extruder has a wide range of applications and can produce soy protein meat, snack foods, baby rice flour, and many other foods used by major manufacturers.

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