Today’s economy is developing rapidly. And the people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. Things that were scarce in the past have become very common. Especially in diet. Edible oil is a daily necessities of the general public. Every meal cannot be separated from edible oil. Edible oil can not only make our meals more delicious. But also bring many nutrients to our body . And make our body more delicious. health.

The increasing public demand for high-quality edible oil . It has also attracted many manufacturers . To start producing edible oil. Small oil refineries are an important force in the modern edible oil processing industry. Compared with large oil refineries. They have a larger number. A more comprehensive coverage area. And lower production costs. The edible oil produced is more in line. With the public’s requirements for high quality and low price. Before establishing an oil refinery. It is very necessary to clarify the configuration of the oil refinery.

How do you choose refinery configuration?
The professional technical article on the most reliable oil refining production line in 2021 shows that before establishing an oil refinery. Manufacturers need to conduct a full range of research. Including site leasing. Raw material purchase. And equipment selection. When choosing, we should put the cost control first, and only when the cost drops can we give consumers a lower price. Thereby further expanding the market scale. Secondly, it is also very necessary to ensure the quality of production. So as to achieve long-term development.

Try to choose some more remote places on the site, because the factory is only responsible for production. And the sales are not carried out in the factory. The rent in remote areas is cheap. And the labor cost is relatively lower, which is more beneficial for subsequent processing and production. And the rental cost Low means that the price of edible oil can be effectively reduced.

The raw materials of edible oil are usually soybeans, peanuts, rapeseed, corn, cottonseed, and hemp, etc. Obtaining high-quality raw materials at a lower price is a favorable way to reduce production costs. Many manufacturers will contract their own land to grow some raw materials, and will also have long-term cooperation with some suppliers, which can further reduce the price of raw materials.

The most important thing is the choice of production equipment. Although the oil refining process is very mature, there are still big differences between equipment and equipment. Good equipment has very high production quality and production efficiency. Inferior equipment has a low oil output rate and low production efficiency, and the oil produced cannot meet satisfactory standards.

From the perspective of the entire oil refining industrial process, it is mainly divided into these three steps, namely: oil production, processing and refining, and packaging and sales. These three links are interlocking and indispensable. As an oil refinery, if only the crude oil is processed and the processing is stopped, it is obvious that most of the oil processing profit is lost. Therefore, if you want to obtain higher profits, you should move closer to processing production lines such as oil production, processing and refining, and packaging and sales.

The equipment required by the manufacturer during processing and refining includes a complete set of refining equipment such as filtration equipment, deacidification equipment, degumming equipment, decolorization equipment, and deodorization equipment. For many small and medium-sized oil mills that have just been engaged in this industry, they do not have sufficient funds for large-scale plants. Therefore, they need to clarify their own goals, choose the degree of oil processing, and whether to treat crude oil as primary oil or secondary oil. For the third grade oil, the refining equipment is different.

The Refining oil production line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. can help manufacturers to solve this problem to a large extent. The production line has very high production quality. and the edible oil produced is clear in color and does not appear when used. The smoke does not bubble and meets national food standards. In addition, the production efficiency is very high. All equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel. It has a long use time, is not easy to be damaged, and is easy to operate and maintain. It is very suitable for use by major small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the company’s biscuit production line, corn flakes production line and baby food production line are also of very high quality.

When choosing the configuration of oil refining. You first need to clarify your market goals and the degree of production and processing. And then choose the appropriate configuration. Equipment that meets production needs can provide manufacturers with maximum productivity. Otherwise, excess capacity will only cause manufacturers. Waste of resources. If you want to choose the most suitable Refining oil production line for you. Please feel free to contact us. We will develop the equipment that best suits your production according to your needs!