What is a commercial deep fryer?

How to start a commercial fryer?

What is the precaution for using a commercial fryer?

How does a commercial fryer work?

Deep-fried food is a must-have item in every restaurant because it is prevalent, and no matter what age group or group you are in, they all love fried food very much. In order to improve the quality of fried food and cooking efficiency, many restaurants use commercial deep fryers.

Using a commercial fryer will make the fried food crispier and tastier. With the ability to cook many different foods at once, the commercial fryer has become one of the essential pieces of kitchen equipment in a restaurant. But today, many people have never used a commercial deep fryer, and they have a lot of ignorance about this equipment.

What is a commercial deep fryer?

Commercial fryers, also known as electric fryers or induction fryers, are a type of kitchen equipment that uses oil to fry food for cooking and are widely used in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and other places, making a significant contribution to modern cuisine.

The quality of food cooked in a commercial fryer is higher, but if you are using a fryer for the first time, you should pay attention to how to start it.

How do I start a commercial deep fryer?

1. Place the deep fryer on a level surface and make sure there are no dangerous or flammable items such as electrical wires around.

2. Pour in oil to the maximum fill line.

3. Turn on the power, adjust the timer and the thermostat knob to the proper position, and the switch will automatically turn on.

4. Once the oil reaches the desired temperature, place the food in the basket and put it into the oil.

5. Cover the lid to keep it clean.

6. Pick up the basket and remove the food.

Starting and using a commercial deep fryer is very simple. But because of the high temperature of the oil during cooking, you need to be aware of the precautions you should take when using a commercial deep fryer.

1. Make sure there are no dangerous objects around the commercial deep fryer before starting it.

2. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the power switch with wet hands to prevent electric shock accidents.

3. Wipe the pot clean before use, and then inject the right amount of oil into the pot, and then finally turn on the power to avoid accidents such as burned electric heaters.

4. Frying according to the different foods to be fried, according to the provisions of the appropriate adjustment of oil temperature, strictly prohibited over temperature.

5. After the end of cooking, turn off the power, wait for the oil temperature in the pot to cool, and then clean up the oil in the pot. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water when cleaning the electric fryer.

5. Power off when not in use, and avoid heating for a long time.

In modern kitchens, commercial fryers have played a significant role. The fried foods produced are golden in color, crispy on the outside, and tender inside, making people have a great appetite. This is mainly due to the excellent working principle of the commercial fryer.

Commercial frying pans use water-oil mixing technology, cleverly using the principle of different specific gravity of oil, water, and animal oil. All the residues in the frying process sink into the water. The animal fat sinks into the lower layer of the vegetable oil, which fundamentally solves the problem of residues, animal fats, and repeated frying in the traditional frying machine that makes the fried oil acidified and carbonized and deteriorate to produce carcinogens.

When using this principle to make deep-fried food, even if you cook multiple types of food at one time, there will be no odor, which can effectively improve the quality of food and help businesses create higher visibility.

Different commercial fryers have different performances, and only the best commercial fryer can help you.

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