The main substances in biscuits are crude fiber, fat, carbohydrates. And some sugar and wheat flour. The meanings contained in different biscuits are different. Because the biscuits contain some sugar and no carbohydrates, they can provide the body with the energy they need. They are also rich in minerals, which can regulate the immune system.

If you are a person who likes to eat biscuits, you can try to make biscuits at home. They are delicious and more hygienic. The method is straightforward.

How do I make biscuits?

First of all, prepare the ingredients and utensils needed to make biscuits. Generally, an oven is required. Flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, sugar, butter (butter) are essential raw materials. If you want biscuits to look good, you need to prepare some Cookie molds.

The following are the materials and steps needed to make different biscuits:

One, microwave oven to make biscuits

Ingredients: flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, butter, sugar


1. Put a piece of butter in the microwave to melt it, pour it into the egg to beat the bubbles.

2. Put the flour, add baking powder, knead the dough with egg liquid, add sugar to taste. If it is too dry, add part of the milk

3. Put the flour aside for ten minutes, prepare the panel and rolling pin, add the flour to the peanut butter, and roll-out

4. Use a wine glass to press the dough into a round shape; if you have a mold, you can choose other shapes.

5. Spread butter under the baking pan and spread butter on the pressed dough

6. Put it in the microwave oven, mix function (micro bike mixing) for 3 minutes, then turn over and bake for another 2 minutes

Note: The butter should be enough, and the dough should be rolled thinly so that the baked product will be crisp. Put butter on the top of the tray, and the biscuits should also be on the tray. The baking time should not be too long, it is easy to batter, and it is best to turn it over in the middle.

2. Cranberry Cookies

Ingredients: The ingredients prepared are: 75 grams of butter, 115 grams of low-gluten flour, 34 grams of cranberries, 60 grams of powdered sugar, and 15 grams of egg liquid.


1. Chop the cranberries, beat the eggs into egg liquid, and take 15 grams of egg liquid for use.

2. The butter is softened at room temperature, then beat with a whisk until the volume is fluffy, add egg liquid in portions, beat evenly at low speed, add powdered sugar, mix well, sift in low-gluten flour, mix well with a spatula and add dried cranberries, Mix well, and mix until there is no dry powder. Don’t over-mix, which will cause the flour to become gluten, and the cookies will not be crispy.

3. If the cookie mold is not found, I shape it with my hands. The shape is a bit ugly, and it does not affect the taste at all. Those with biscuit molds can be used to shape them. The advantage of this is that each biscuit can be the same size. Then put the shaped dough in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. The purpose of this is to make the dough harder and better cut into pieces.

4. After taking it out of the refrigerator, cut each piece to a thickness of about 0.5cm, and place it in a baking tray. Leave a particular gap for each cookie to avoid sticking together during the process of baking and expansion.

5. Preheat the oven 170 degrees in advance, put it on the top and bottom, and bake for 20 minutes. Everyone’s range is different. Adjust the temperature and time appropriately according to the thickness of the biscuits and the oven’s temperature.

After being out of the oven, it can be sealed and preserved after being thoroughly cooled.

The above are the steps for making two kinds of biscuits. It is worth noting that when adding flour, mix until there is no dry powder. Don’t over-mix, which will cause the flour to become gluten, and the cookies will not be crispy. The dough can be put in the refrigerator in advance to make it easier to cut.

There are many biscuits, and you can try different methods by adding dried fruit or chocolate to make the biscuits taste better.
In addition to the home version of biscuits, the Biscuit Production Line is needed to make commercial biscuits. An efficient and convenient Biscuit Production Line can help you make better profits. This equipment can also be combined to produce butter biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda biscuits, and various biscuits such as vegetable biscuits.

Biscuits are an indispensable snack food in modern life, and there is still a broad space for development. The intelligence and automation of the fully automatic biscuit production line adapt to the current market’s requirements for biscuit nutrition and production characteristics. It is also a rare opportunity to develop a biscuit business. Opportunity!