The extruder is now a very high use rate of the equipment, is widely used in many industries, plastic industry, electronics industry, food industry, etc. can see the figure of an extruder. The extruder is a product of science and technology, which provides opportunities for various sectors.

Especially in the food processing industry, the extruder plays an important role. For example, we usually eat casual puffed food, bean meat, and even some pet feed, etc., are processed through the extruder, so do you know how the extruder is working?

How do extruder machines work?

Professional and technical article 2021 quality top ten extrusion equipment shows that the extruder is essential equipment in several industries, and its working principle is relatively complex. Extruder mainly consists of extrusion system, transmission system, heating, and cooling system, extruder usually through the barrel of the rotating screw to complete various extrusion processing of food and other raw materials.

The following is the specific working principle of the extruder.

Conveying powder or solid materials into the hopper of the extruder, and then the heater outside the barrel will start heating, the heater will transfer the heat to the material inside the barrel, and the temperature will rise and reach the melting temperature.

The machine will start to run immediately after reaching a specific temperature. Then, the screw inside the barrel will begin to rotate and push the material forward. In this process, the friction between material and barrel, the screw and the material, and the material will generate a lot of heat, which will work together with the heater’s heat to melt the material continuously. Then the molten solid material will be transported to the head with a particular shape continuously and steadily.

After the material reaches the head, the material will be extruded into the shape of the head, and the cooling and shaped device will cool and shape the extruded material in a short time. Under the action of the traction device, the material will continue to move forward and be cut into finished products according to the predefined size.

The above is the specific working principle of the extruder. You can use this principle to produce a variety of products fully. Changing the extruder die can change the product’s shape, and our engineers can also customize it according to your needs.

Now more and more manufacturers are using extruders. What advantages do extruders have that make them welcomed by manufacturers?

The advantages of the extruder.

1. The more prominent feature of the extruder is continuous production, according to the need to produce any length and any shape of the product.

2. Not only high production efficiency, but production volume is also very high, continuous highly automated production method can be produced in the shortest time the most significant number of products, without human intervention.

3. Extruders are widely used in rubber, plastic, fiber, food, and other related processing places, especially plastic products. We can process most thermoplastics and thermosets by this method. Except for direct molding products, extrusion can be used for other processes. For example, they are plasticizing, pelletizing, coloring, blank molding, and other process production.

The extruder has superior performance and high cost performance, which improves the production efficiency for manufacturers and provides high-quality products for consumers. In the food processing industry, extruders are widely used to produce many types of food products. The food products made are rich in taste and comprehensive in nutrition, which consumers widely recognize.

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