Whether it is children, young people or the elderly, almost everyone likes to eat puffed extruded foods, but puffed foods have high sugar and oil content, and some have many additives, which are unhealthy and are easy to cause if they are eaten regularly. Obesity can even cause a variety of diseases and cause harm to the body.

Kurkure is a kind of puffed food. It is a special squeezed snack. It has a crisp, delicious and delicious taste and is deeply loved by consumers. Usually, for convenience, we habitually buy ready-made puffed and extruded snacks. Kurkure Production Line can produce a variety of flavors and types of puffed and extruded snacks to meet the needs of consumers.

In fact, in addition to buying Kurkure on the market, we can also make this kind of snacks by ourselves. Today we will introduce a method of Kurkure, which is non-fried, only uses very little olive oil, and cornmeal itself is a healthy miscellaneous grain. , Without any additives, the preparation is still very simple, crisp and delicious, and can definitely replace those puffed foods bought from outside.

raw material:

Low-gluten flour, cornmeal, salt, baking powder, olive oil, water, curry powder, chili powder.

Practice steps:

1. Put the low-gluten flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, olive oil, and water into the container and stir.

2. Then add the appropriate amount of curry powder and chili powder. You can add five-spice powder, cumin powder, etc. according to your favorite taste, then knead into a dough, cover with plastic wrap and wait for 20 minutes.

3. Roll the awake dough into a cake with a rolling pin, as thin as possible, so that the final product will be more crispy. If your baked food is not crispy enough, it may be because the dough is not thin enough, so pay special attention at this point.

4. Cut the rolled dough into triangles or other shapes you like.

5. Preheat the oven and bake at 180 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes. The temperature and time of the oven here are for reference only, depending on your own oven.

6. After roasting, serve it out and let it cool before eating. The food should be golden brown and look very attractive, and taste crispy.

The above-mentioned Kurkure snacks are still very simple. You can easily make delicious snacks with a few simple raw materials. Those who are interested can learn to make them. The production process is also very interesting. You can enjoy the delicious food while watching the drama. The key is to make it yourself, which is very fulfilling.

In fact, the most important thing is to make it very healthy by yourself. The ingredients are selected by yourself. There are no unhealthy additives and the like. It is safe to eat. You don’t have to worry about problems that endanger your health. You can eat it yourself or give it to your family. Good choice.

Self-made food is relatively healthy. The puffed and extruded snacks produced by Kurkure Production Line can be said to be very high-quality and healthy. It is a special equipment for making extruded snacks. Its production has undergone strict inspections and meets food-grade hygiene requirements. It can meet the needs of consumers and food processing plants.

The above is the content to be explained today. It mainly introduces the method of Kurkure snacks. After learning this method, you can make your own food in the future. Finally, I want to explain that whether it is self-made or directly purchased puffed extruded food, it is not suitable to eat more. Everyone must grasp the delicious amount, and must not be greedy to avoid harm to the body.