With the promotion of science and technology, the food processing industry has changed a lot. Mechanical production has been the most basic production method, and the processing technology is constantly innovating and developing. Extrusion technology is one of the vital processes in the food industry. Using this technology can change the structure and form of the material so that its taste changes greatly.

Corn flakes have become the highest consumer consumption rate of breakfast cereals. Although corn flakes are made from corn, but have a great difference from corn. So does the corn flakes use extrusion technology in the process of making it?

Are corn flakes Extruded?

The professional technical article the top 8 corn flakes production lines in terms of cost performance in 2021 shows that cornflakes are a new, high nutritional value of breakfast foods, the production process is relatively complex. Extrusion ripening is a critical step in cornflakes’ production process and affects cornflakes’ final quality to a large extent.

Extrusion technology is one of the most important processes when making cornflakes; the cornflakes we eat basically have gone through the extrusion process. Extrusion equipment is the perfect application of the extrusion process. Only high-quality extrusion equipment can make the cornflakes fully cooked without any puffing, thus producing dense, hard, and crispy cornflakes with outstanding flavor.

 Manufacturers who want to produce higher quality cornflakes need to use high-quality production lines to produce them. Only continuous and highly automated production equipment can meet production needs and help manufacturers stand out in the competitive market. The production line mainly uses cereals as the basic raw material to produce cornflakes through mixing, maturing, molding, pressing, and drying raw materials.

The specific process flow of producing corn flakes using a production line:

1. The corn grain is screened, cleaned, dried, and crushed to get cornflour

2. Add vitamins, calcium carbonate, and other auxiliary materials and water to the cornflour, and then use the mixer to mix it until it is well blended to get corn mixture.

3. Convey the mixed corn dough to the extruder. The corn dough is cooked and restructured under the high temperature, extrusion, and shearing of the extruder, and cut off and shaped by the cutting knife at the discharge end of the extruder to get corn ripening balls.

4. The extruded corn puffed balls are pressed through the press to get corn flakes.

5. Corn flakes are transported to the dryer for drying of corn flakes, drying temperature is 50-80 ℃, drying time is 14-16 minutes, the dried corn flakes lose moisture and are crispy and delicious.

6. After drying, the cornflakes need to be cooled down so that the cornflakes come down to room temperature.

7. Convey the corn flakes into the seasoning cylinder or sugar mist machine to make the corn flakes into different flavors.

8. After completing the flavor, the cornflakes need to be further dried. To ensure the water inside the cornflakes is lost and the surface sugar of the cornflakes can be solidified.

9. Finally, using the packaging machine to package the tortilla chips, which can effectively extend the shelf life and improve the grade.

In this way, corn flakes are made. Although corn flakes go through many complicated production processes, it is easy to find that extrusion technology is the most critical step in the whole production process. Only after extrusion can the structure of raw materials be reorganized and the form changed. Otherwise, it is impossible to produce corn flakes.

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